Historical Timeline
This time line is intended to reflect milestones in Firecoach production which spans 34 years.
 It is not intended to reflect that of the entire Crown Coach Corporation.
1951      Construction of first Firecoach, F1001, begins.

F1001 is purchased by the West Covina, California Fire Dept.

1954      F1009 is the first Firecoach built with a factory enclosed cab, built for American Fork, Utah.

F1042 is the first of three water tenders to be built by Crown.  Built for the city of Huntington Beach, this is also the
              first piece built that was not a regular pumper and also the first piece of three axle apparatus to be built by Crown.

1956      Crown builds a two axle tractor,
F1067, to tow a 1943 American La France aerial trailer for Santa Monica.

1961      Crown forms a partnership with the Snorkel Corporation and builds the first Snorkel,
F1221, for Elko, Nevada.      
F1222 is subsequently built for Snohomish County, WA and is the first wholly built Firecoach Snorkel.

F1223 was the only three axle tractor built by Crown.  Commissioned by the Los Angeles City Fire Dept to pull a   
             dozer transport.

F1290 is the first Firecoach built with a 4-door cab.  Commissioned by the Los Angeles County Fire Dept for         
              evaluation purposes, this rig was also the first Firecoach to be built with an automatic transmission.

F1357 is the first diesel powered Firecoach completed by Crown and delivered to the Vernon Fire Department.

1966      Crown forms a partnership with Maxim Motors and builds its first aerial ladder truck for San Diego in the form of a
              tractor-drawn aerial,

F1475 is the first straight ladder truck built.  Commissioned by Watsonville, California, it featured a mid-mount        

F1494 is the first and only wrecker built by Crown, commissioned by the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

1969      Snorkel introduces the Squrt and TeleSqurt.  Crown builds its first Squrt,
F1580, as a demonstrator and later sells   
              it to Lemon Grove, California

F1591 is the first rear-mount aerial ladder truck built by Crown for the city of Mountain View, California.

F1633 is the first TeleSqurt built by Crown for Palm Springs, California.

F1778 is the first Firecoach to feature the all new Wide Cab design developed by Crown.  After further testing and
              evaluation, it was sold to Rubidoux, California.

F1803 is the last Firecoach built using the standard cab.  Completed in the form of a TeleSqurt, it was sold to the    
              city of Glendale, California.

1982      Firecoach production formally draws to a close with F1869 built for Santa Ana, California being the last piece of     
              apparatus completed.

1984-85 Firecoach production is briefly revived when Crown forms a partnership with Van Pelt Fire Apparatus.  Five cabs   
              and chassis were built by Crown and shipped to Van Pelt for completion.  A sixth cab and chassis was in the           
              process of being completed with a body by Crown when the project was dropped.  This sixth rig was never