The Factory Photographers
The name Dick Whittington appears in quite a few places.  It was the Dick Whittington Photo Studio
that was responsible for many of the photographs taken inside and directly around the Crown factory on
12th Street itself as well as countless scores of historic photos taken of every subject imaginable in and
around Los Angeles starting in the 1930s.  Wayne Whittington founded Dick Whittington Studios at
3845 Wisconsin Street near USC.  Wayne took the name Dick after a children's story of Dick
Whittington and his Cat.  The Cat was used as a trademark on business cards and Company stationary.  
During the 1930's the studio experienced it's greatest growth, hiring up to 27 employees.  During WWll
they had a Navy contract lasting up to 15 years.  From the profits made during the war they built a new
facility at 1501 W Olympic Boulevard.  In 1958 Wayne turned the business over to his son Ed. The
Studio is still working with many of their old clients in Los Angeles.
Warren Bowen's photo studio was located at 1333 W Temple Street in Los Angeles, quite a distance
from the factory on 12th Street.  Aside from the few photos taken by Bowen in and around the
factory, the majority of the factory photos we recognize were taken in a residential neighborhood just
northeast of the factory and across the Los Angeles River near the intersection of Soto and Olympic
Boulevards.  This neighborhood has many curving streets so Bowen was always able to get the sun at the
proper angle and at the time, the area was well kept and presented a pleasant background for taking
photos of factory fresh rigs.  From the best that can be told from photos, Bowen began taking photos
for Crown in the early 1950s and continued through the early 1980s.  It is unknown at the time of this
writing whether or not Bowen was under contract with Crown but he did take photos of most, but not
all of the Firecoaches produced.