The Crown Factory
Located at 2500 E 12th Street, Los Angeles, California.
Founded in 1904, the Crown Coach Corporation actually got it's start at 621-623 S Los Angeles Street
in Los Angeles.  Building business wagons for business men.
We will focus here on the 12th Street location as this is where the company was located for most of it's
history.  We are going to take a walk back in time doing some Industrial Archeology.
I have been fortunate to have been able to interview several Crown employees, most notably, Bill Hoeft
who worked in the Firecoach Division itself for several years starting in 1961.
We'll start with a few quick photos of the original location of the
Crown factory on Los Angeles Street taken in the early 1920s.  The
Huntington Library in Pasadena has an extensive collection of photos
from the early years of Los Angeles as well as an excellent
compilation of photos from the Dick Whittington Collection of all
subjects in and around Los Angeles.
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