The LAFD hired the Jacobs Group to study their operations and utilization of personnel in the late 60's as did the LAPD.  The
study showed that the Task Force Concept would be useful to have a unit working together as a team in a coordinated effort.  
The Truck Company was given a greater importance, responding in the lead to allow optimal positioning of the Truck.  The
Captain of the Truck was made a Task Force Commander (Captain II) and the Captain of the Engine (Captain I) of course also
reflected in their pay scale.  

The Task Force Commander would coordinate operations with the Engine, to allow a coordinated rescue, forcible entry,
ventilation and suppression.  The responsibility of the Truck was the greatest, and the Engine was to work with the Truck to
accomplish the task at hand as a unit.  

In a Task Force House, the Wagon would respond alone, to grass fires, trash fires, and traffic collisions (gas wash), unless there
was a trapped occupant requiring the Truck for extrication, and later respond with the Rescue Ambulance on Heart and
Breathing Calls.  The Pump would stay back quarters with the Truck and be available as a "Light Force", (Light an Engine).

In Heavy Commercial areas Downtown, Heavy Duty Task Forces were placed in larger houses, that responded with a Truck,
Two Piece Engine Company (W 11, P 11 ), and an extra Triple Combination Pumper referred to as a Triple (Tr 11, and later
211) For a time these houses had special Wagons with a 50' Snorkel, Squrt, or Telesqurt.  

Smaller houses in more outlying and residential areas would be made up of a two piece company (W 82 and P 82, later E 82 &
E 282)

Some of the smallest stations ran with a single engine as P 82 which also had T 82 (Tank)

In 1981 a new policy, eliminated the Heavy Duty task Forces, and the Pump and Wagon Designation, and all Wagons and single
Engines were labeled as Engines (11) and the Pump became Engine (211) and Reserve Engines became (411).

Special thanks to Christopher L. Arnold for providing this information.
This Larry Arnold photo illustrates LAFD Heavy Duty Task Force 11 stationed in the Westlake/MacArthur Park area
near Downtown Los Angeles.  Pictured are Truck 11, a 1975 Seagrave tractor-drawn aerial, Wagon 11, a 1969 Crown
Snorkel (F1571), Pump 11, a 1973 Crown pumper  (F1698), and Engine 211, a 1973 Crown pumper  (F1699).