This 1982 Van Pelt pumper is 1 of 10 ordered by LA City.  All 10 in the order were identically equipped with Hale 1500gpm pumps and 500 gallon water tanks and powered by Detroit Diesel 8v71 engines with Allison Automatic transmissions.  They carry LA City shop numbers 60354 through 60363.
Engine 294, stationed in Baldwin Hills carries shop number 60362.
A unique item on all 10 of these Van Pelt rigs is that they have full length doors instead of the typical shortened doors.  LA City Fire has always spec'd abreviated doors so if the apparatus responds to an incident on the many freeways in Los Angeles, it can be parked snug against the dividing wall and the doors can swing open over the top of the divider allowing firefighters to exit the apparatus.  These Van Pelts have survived in LA City for over 20 years now without door modifications and it's likely that they will retire that way.