Seal Beach Fire Department
The City of Seal Beach is located in the north-westernmost corner of Orange County, CA.  The City was
incorporated on October 25, 1915, encompasses an area of 13.2 square miles and currently has a
population of about 25,000.  The Seal Beach Fire Department was originally an all-volunteer firefighter
organization, operating three pumpers from a single fire station (Station 1).  The Fire Chief position
ultimately became a career position.  In 1966, a one-person career engine company - one of the three
pumpers from Station 1 - was placed into service in a small fire facility immediately adjacent to the
newly-opened Leisure World community (Station 2).  A new fire station (Station 3) was soon
constructed immediately adjacent to the Leisure World community, with Station 2 becoming solely a
storage facility for the fire department.  Engine 4 was first to operate from Station 3, followed soon
thereafter by Truck 1.  By the time Engine 5 was delivered, Station 1 became a 24/7/365, career-staffed
fire station.  In August 1982, the Seal Beach Fire Department was consolidated into the Orange County
Fire Department due to the recently passed Proposition 13.
Over the years, Seal Beach purchased 5 pieces of Crown apparatus from several sources.  All are shown.

Special thanks to Herb Jewell for sharing information about the Seal Beach Fire Department.