Eugene Water Safety Day 2007
The Eugene Water Safety Day is an event put on by the Eugene Fire Department every June and is intended to be a fun and educational day for the family and to educate everyone about safety in and around Oregons many rivers and lakes.  Despite the gloomy weather this year, it was warm and the event was well attended and a few members of the PNW Chapter of SPAAMFAA brought out a few rigs as well as 2 privately owned Crown Firecoaches that were in attendance.
Eugene firefighters have a porta-tank set up for anyone that would like to do drafting exercises and to supply the waterball tournament later in the day.  First in line today is Eugene's own parade rig, a Mack CF600.
Most of todays lineup is shown in this photo.
Pressure for this years waterball was supplied by a Crown!
The waterball setup was tested out by the adults first.  Gotta make sure it's safe, and we have to cool off!
Eugene's Engine 7 was kept busy throughout the day shuttling water from the nearest hydrant keeping the porta-tank full.  Special thanks to Station 7's crew!