Medford Cruise 2008
The annual Medford Cruise held over Father's Day weekend is a huge local event and draws thousands every year.
This is the place to see lots of antique, hot rod, and classic cars and even a few Crowns could be found there.
You can sometimes run into some of the most unexpected people at an event when you bring your Crown.  Conley Dreher was a salesman for the Waterous Pump Company and sold many a Waterous Pump to the Crown Coach Corporation, including the one in F1001, during his long career.
Howard Spicer, pictured at left, with Devin Hull and Chris Arnold worked for Crown from 1958 through 1969.
His employment with Crown included the time when F1445 was built which they are pictured in front of.  Howard worked mostly on Bus Production but worked on Fire Apparatus as needed.
Michael Swanson approached Devin and questioned him about the Stang monitor on W89, whether it was bent.  He then went on to explain, that he was a fireman at Station 89, and was filling in as Engineer on Wagon 89.  His Captain directed him to return to quarters and pull into the apparatus bay through the rear doors.  I don't know the reason why but that was a forbidden practice on the BC's orders.  Possibly to prevent someone from being hit by a drive through engine???  But regardless, he followed the order of his Captain, unaware that the door was not fully up hitting the Stang monitor.
Michael was assigned to Wagon 89 as a fireman on the "C" shift from 1964 to 1970.  He learned to Engineer on Wagon 89, and felt quite melancholic and at home in the seat and at the pump panel.  He trained and was tested on this engine, telling us how the controls and valves would be altered to test his ability to catch what was out of place or turned off.  He also explained how the right compartment was altered to allow access with the ladders in place, which the ladders blocked.  Michael filled in as Engineer when the Engineer was off, and was advanced to Auto Fireman, driving Truck 89, and was advanced to Engineer, and was transfered to Station 11 where he worked for a number of years.
The Engineers at Station 89 when Michael worked there have all passed away.  He could recall names of the "B" shift Engineers; Sneilor W89, Saccone P89, "C" shift Engineers; Al Mitchel W89, and Ed Skaren P89.
Besided the Crowns, there were many other neat vintage vehicles cruising around town.