Engine 3 is getting some minor engine adjustments done in the open air.
The large fleet of medic units that LA City runs are always in demanding service.  This unit is getting a brake job done today inside the light repair shop.
The heavy repair shop has 10 bays.  Mechanics at the LA City Shops do maintenance and repairs here from the minor to the most major like engine rebuilds and transmission overhauls.  Pumps needing work are removed here and sent to the pump shop for work.
The highly skilled mechanics and craftsman at the shops do about 95% of all work in-house.  Anything from crafting a new compartment door for an apparatus to machining pump and hose fittings to engine parts.
The LA City Shops have everything to do practically anything with fire apparatus.  These include a full body and paint shop, machine shop, engine and transmission shop, pump shop and carpenters shop.  LA City Fire has traditionally built and used wooden ground ladders which come out of their carpenters shop.  Unlike what many may think, this has been the most cost effective way for LA to aquire ladders of the utmost highest quality for its fire crews.
A Seagrave pumper getting attention.
The Aerial Shop has the full capacity necessary to inspect, certify, and repair all the aerial ladders that are currently used.  This 2 bay shop has  hydraulic lifts capable of lifting an entire Tractor-Drawn Aerial.  When originally installed, the lift has plenty of capacity to do work on the Crown and Seagrave TDAs that Los Angeles had at the time but in the early 1990's, it had to upgraded when the heavier LTI TDAs began arriving.
Although the tractor and trailer of a TDA is technically "mated for life", they are separated once a year for the 5th wheel to be inspected, rotated 180 degrees and reassembled.  One of LA's new American La France TDAs is shown above recieving a periodic inspection.
A rear view of the heavy repair shop with the light repair shop 90 degrees to the right.
The pumping pit at the LA Shops must test and certify at least 2 pumpers every day in order to keep up to date on the City's fleet.