Los Angeles County Fire Department
Headquarters and Training Center
In February of 2002, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the headquarters and training center of the LA County Fire Dept. as part of a tour with the SPAAMFAA Winter Convention.

In the photo above, you see a general view of the training center.

At the left is a 5 story burn building.  According to a representative from LA County Fire, it is no longer used for live fire training as the structural integrity of the building being compromised over the years of it being burnt.  It is still perfectly safe and is now used for training on aerial ladders.

Between the burn building and the water tank at the left is a mock-up of a partially collapsed building.  It is used to train how to shore up partially collapsed structures, cutting through collapsed sections, and general urban search and rescue training.

Below are clickable links to photos of training apparatus stationed at the training center at the time of the groups visit.
Dispatch for LA County Fire is located inside the headquarters building.

First, a little background.  Los Angeles County Fire Department covers approximately 2,800 square miles where Los Angeles
City Fire only covers approximately 700 square miles.

LA County Fire and Dispatch cover all unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County as well as 57 cities that contract with LA County Fire for their services.  At any given time, about 15 dispatchers are on duty who work 15 shifts per month at 12 hours per shift.  LA County Fire Dispatch sent units out on approximately 230,000 calls in 2001.  While LA County provides Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support units, they rely on private ambulance to transport patients.
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