The Great Oregon Steam-Up 2011
The Great Oregon Steam-Up is an annual event held at Antique Powerland in Brooks, OR.  Oregon's
agricultural heritage comes to life in a collection of museums the whole family will enjoy.  A vast array
of vintage and antique trucks, tractors, construction equipment and even fire apparatus are displayed
over the course of two weekends.  For more information on this annual event, click
This Fireliner Snorkel is one of two such rigs built by Freightliner in Portland.  It is owned by the Pacific Northwest Truck Museum.
Freightliner built a total of 4 Fireliners all in 1961, two of which were Snorkels and two pumpers.  All had bodywork completed by
Westland Fire Apparatus, also of Portland.
An overall view of the fire apparatus displayed.
An interpretive safety display was put on and staffed by the Marion County Fire District.
Among other vintage apparatus on display was F1866 originally built for Marysville, WA now owned by George Lavacot.