This unique Crown product began as a concept of the Tulare, CA Fire Department in 1975.  The idea was presented to Crown and after consulting with the Snorkel Fire Equipment Company, which also built TeleSqurt units, it was determined to be feasable.  Tulare County gave the go ahead for the project in 1976.  A 2 axle trailer with a 2,500 gallon water tank was ordered from Fruehauf Trailer Mfg. in Indianapolis, IN.  This was delivered to Snorkel in St. Louis, MO to have the TeleSqurt and power unit mounted.  After that part of the project was done, it was shipped to Crown in Los Angeles for completion.  At the Crown factory, the pump and associated plumbing was installed along with the completion of all of the bodywork.  Once completed, the trailer was mated with a 1977 International tractor.
This unit was assigned to Truck 25 in Tulare County.  As built, a Chrysler 440 gasoline motor powers a 1,000gpm Hale pump and hydraulics required for the 50 foot TeleSqurt.  She carries a full compliment of ground ladders and rescue equipment typical of a truck company.  In 1987, the original tractor was replaced with a new International S1900 tractor and otherwise remains very original aside from a few minor upgrades to modernize the trailer.  This project was assigned Crown Coach serial number F1794.

I would like to express my greatest thanks to Field Operations Chief Lindell Yoshimura for arranging this photo opportunity for the Webmaster of this site and to the men of Station 25 in Tulare County for taking the time out of their day to show off one of their favorite rigs.  Thank you to all!
Created July 26, 2007