The City of Portales, New Mexico acquired this Crown Firecoach second hand from Clovis, New Mexico.  Built in 1976 as a pumper, she carries serial number F1773 and was originally equipped with a Waterous 1,500gpm pump and 500 gallon water tank.  She was heavily rebuilt by Portales into a tractor to tow a 4,500 gallon water tender which is equipped with it's own pump.  The great deal of creativity and engineering that went into this project really shine through with the beautiful results and a very nice second life for a Crown pumper.  F1773 is powered by a NTF-350 Cummins diesel motor with an Allison 4-speed Automatic transmission.
This rig was retired by Portales in late 2007 and sold at auction to a collector in January 2008.
Updated February 5, 2008