This unique bus served the Los Angeles County Fire Department from 1958 until the 1970s and was used to transport recruits to specialized training sites and to respond with relief crews to major wildland fires.  At 28 feet long with a 157 inch wheelbase, it was shorter than most Crown buses, but powered by the standard six cylinder "pancake" Hall-Scott gasoline engine located under the floor between the front and rear axles.  It was painted red with a sea-foam green interior, a B&M siren, warning lights and two-way radio were original equipment.  It is the only Firecoach bus built by Crown and included Firecoach emblems, a Firecoach front bumper, and Firecoach style turn signals on the front.  After it was sold at auction, it passed through several owners before being found in derelict condition in a junk yard in the desert town of Mojave, CA.  The paint was badly faded, tires were flat, seats were missing and many of the windows were broken.
The bus underwnet a complete restoration in 2001-2002 and was used for shuttle service during the SPAAMFAA Winter Convention held in San Bernardino in February 2002.  The seals and graphics were provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Shops through a special request made by former LACo FD Battalion Chief Jim Page, who drove this very bus years ago when he first started his career with the department.
Thanks to Mike MacDonald of the Crown Firecoach Enthusiasts for providing this information.
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