In order to supplement it's fleet of specialized fiirefighting and rescue apparatus, the Los Angeles City Fire
Department ordered this custom built rig from Crown Coach in 1967.  It carried serial number F1494 and LA
City Shop number 60220.  Designated a "Heavy Utility" unit, it was first assigned to Station 6, and later to
Station 56.  It was fitted with two Holmes model 850, 20 ton hoists along with a winch in the front bumper.  
With the use of outriggers, each hoist was capable of working at full capacity at a 90 degree angle from the
body.  F1494 was called on occasion to tow disabled fire apparatus although its primary purpose was rescue
work.  It was originally painted chrome yellow and powered by a Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline engine.  In 1978, it
was repowered with a Caterpillar diesel engine and Allison Automatic transmission and repainted red.  She was
replaced in 1995 with a Peterbilt Heavy Utility unit.
F1494 is currently in the process of a full restoration
Updated October 6, 2008