The Los Angeles City Fire Department ordered this custom built bulldozer transport from Crown Coach in 1960.  She
was designated Tractor Transport 1, carried serial number F1223 and assigned LA City Shop number 60073.  F1223
was powered by a Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline motor with a Spicer manual transmission and had a large winch mounted on
the frame directly behind the cabinets.  The bulldozer was an Allis-Chalmers HD16 and carried shop number 44474.  
The 3 axle trailer was provided by Callahan Manufacturing..
Sadly, this entire rig was destroyed when it was overrun by a wildfire in October of 1967.
Updated January 20, 2011
This 1968 photo taken by Chris Arnold inside the LA City Fire Department Shop shows F1223 after the fire.  Even the casual
observer can see that the rig is not in terrible condition.  The paint on the rear-most compartment looks like it might be a bit
scorched.  The rest of the paint on the cab is good.  The aluminum panels from the front of the cab were removed, not melted.  
All the glass in the cab is intact.  The cab interior was stripped, not burnt.
A quote from Chris Arnold: "This is a photo of F1223 Transport #1, shown in the LAFD shops after it was destroyed in 10/67.  
Pretty amazing to me, that the Transport looks to be in pretty good shape considering.....With all of their abilities, I wonder what
prevented them from bringing it back the way it was????"
This may have been an excuse used by the department to get rid or yet another rig that didn't work out well.  Perhaps the
powerful at the time 1091 Hall-Scott was not enough power to propel a loaded dozer transport in the hilly and mountainous
terrain where it was required to go?  This rig was witnessed by many people sitting in a garage at Station 109 in Encino for years
before it disappeared in the early 1980s.