This unique Crown was created by the Los Angeles City Fire Department Shops.  It's purpose is to be used as a training aid for  mechanics and firefighters about the working innards of fire apparatus.  She was finally retired by Los Angeles in the late 90s when the last Crowns were retired from the city and fire apparatus repair has become much more complicated.  She is not capable of movement under her own power as the motor and transmission have openings cut in to view the components inside.  When new, and complete, she served as Pumper 24 and later as Engine 33.  She carries serial number F1213, LA City Shop number 60067 and still has her Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline engine, Spicer 5-speed manual transmission, Waterous 1,250gpm pump and 400 gallon water tank.
She is now owned by the Crown Firecoach Enthusiasts and is being used by the Crafton Hill College Fire Academy in Yucaipa, CA where she continues to be useful for future generations of mechanics and firefighters.