The City of South Pasadena purchased this TeleSqurt from Crown Coach in 1980.  Carrying Crown Coach serial number
F1843, she is powered by a Detroit Diesel 8v92TA paired with an Allison Automatic transmission and fitted with a
Waterous 1,500gpm pump, 300 gallon tank.  She was fitted with a 50 foot TeleSqurt on a Pierce body.
She was donated to the Rio Hondo Fire Academy in Santa Fe Springs upon her retirement from South Pasadena.
More recently, F1843 received a new paint job from the 64th graduating class from the Rio
Hondo Academy.  She wore for a short time this striking scheme of black over red, something
more commonly seen on east coast depts and must surely be the first on a Crown Firecoach.
Updated October 4, 2011
Shortly thereafter, the school unceremoniously scrapped the rig, instead of repairing it after it developed
a mechanical problem.  I am sure this is what South Pasadena originally had in mind when so many fire
departments in the United States as well as other countries are in dire need of good fire apparatus.