Larry Arnold shares this anecdote with us:  That photo of the Palm Springs TeleSqurt cost $2.00.  It was at a park where a
admission was charged for a donation.  The boom was up and kids all over.  We told the fireman that we came from LA to
get the picture, so he lowered the boom and drove it away from the crowd for us to get a good picture... Nice Guy.

The Palm Springs Fire Department purchased this Crown TeleSqurt new in 1970 which carried serial number F1633.  She
was powered by a NTF-365 Cummins diesel motor paired with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission.  She was fitted with a
1,500gpm Waterous pump, 400 gallon booster tank and 50 foot TeleSqurt.  She was traded in to American La France in late
2003 and sent to an equipment wholesaler in Oklahoma.  She was then sold to a salvage company in Texas through eBay
(eBay photos)  and subsequently scrapped with many of the parts appearing on eBay in December of 2004.
Updated October 18, 2009