Redondo Beach, California purchased this Crown Firecoach pumper in 1966 where she went into service as Engine 1.
She carries serial number F1483 and was originally built with an open cab but had it enclosed back at Crown shortly
thereafter.  As built, F1483 was powered with a Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline motor which was later swapped out for a
Detroit Diesel 8v71while retaining her original 5-speed Spicer Transmission.  Redondo Beach returned Engine 1 to
Crown again in December 1981, this time to have a 55 foot TeleSqurt retrofitted to the rig.  She continued in frontline
service for Redondo Beach until 1987 when she was replaced by a new Pierce TeleSqurt.  She was kept as a reserve for
about a year and was sold to an apparatus dealer, Desi's Fire Equipment, in Roseville, CA.
In September 1988, F1483 was purchased by the Chelan County Fire District #1 in central Washington near Wenatchee.
 Once she was taken north, she was repainted lime and went into service there as Ladder 133 and later as Ladder 137.  
Chelan County liked this rig a great deal due to its compact size as a ladder truck.
F1483 was purchased by a collector in August of 2001.  She has changed hands repeatedly since then including
appearing and failing to sell on eBay once due to the proposterous amount of money being asked for it.  This rig was
aparantly traded to a car dealer when the individual that owned it managed to mislead the dealer into thinking it was worth
a good deal of money.  It is now at a car dealer in Fairfield, CA advertising for them.
Updated December 31, 2009