The Carmel-by-the-Sea Fire Department purchased Truck 7171 in 1975.  It is fitted with a 50 foot TeleSqurt, 1,500gpm
Waterous pump, 300 gallon water tank and powered with a Detroit Diesel 8v71 with an Allison Automatic transmission.  Truck
7171 carries Crown Coach serial number F1730.
Updated July 22, 2011
This Crown was retired by Carmel and sent to Nationwide Auction in Benicia, CA where she was sold at auction in
December 2006.  She was purchased by collector Frank Hutton and trucked to Florida.  She arrived a little dirty but still had
most of the equipment on her when she was in service.  After a thorough cleaning and being completely gone over
mechanically she was ready for her east coast debut.  Frank has taken his new rig to many events already and she should be a
regular at events in Florida.  Below are some photos of how she appeared on the apron at the Oldsmar Fire Department.
In October 2007, Frank was forced to sell this rig and it went to a collector in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This sad saga draws to a close when the "collector" in Las Vegas dumped this rig after a few short months and it wound up selling
again at auction.  Vince Newberg of the Utah Society of Fire Protection Professionals shares with us that this rig was purchased
by Chaparral Fire Protection Inc. and brought to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Apparently the Crown did not work out for them as
planned and she sat outside for many months promoting a car wash in North Salt Lake City as pictured below.
The location of F1730 was pinpointed by Bill Hoeft on a trip to Salt Lake City in early 2010.  A deal was struck to sell the rig
and she was acquired by collector Chad Christensen and hauled to Denver.  She appeared at the 2010 SPAAMFAA summer
convention held in Denver and is currently going through the process of being restored.