The purchase of this Crown aerial ladder truck in 1974 by the City of Westminster, CA coincided with the
opening of the new Westminster Mall later the same year.  Westminster had never owned a ladder truck before
this one, opting to carry extra ground ladders on pumpers.  Carrying Crown Coach serial number F1727, she was
fitted with a Maxim 100 foot rear-mount aerial ladder, 1,500gpm Waterous pump, 200 gallon tank, and powered
by a Cummins NTC-365 diesel motor with a Spicer manual transmission.
This truck served Westminster in front line service for over 15 years when she was bumped down to a reserve in
1990 when she was replaced by a Duplex 95 foot Quint.  Upon the consolidation of Westminster's fire protection
services with the County of Orange in 1995, F1727 was assigned county shop number 5008 and was placed in
the reserve pool but seldom used.  She was deemed surplus in 1998 and sold at Porter Auction on 9-12-98 for
the sum of $1,500.  She was never seen again.
Created May 7, 2010
The unusual chutes on the back of F1727 are there to aid in deploying and reloading hose.  More reloading hose than anything else.
 With the majority of the hosebed being located below the aerial's turntable, one firefighter would have to push hose up into the
chute until another firefighter on top of the rig was able to reach down and pull it up the rest of the way to properly bed it.