San Diego Fire Department's Truck 3 was this 1976 Crown Tractor-Drawn Aerial (TDA), serial number F1738.  As built,
T3 was powered with a Cummins NTF-380 diesel motor, Allison Automatic transmission, and fitted with a 100 foot Maxim
aerial ladder.  It took Crown over 18 months to deliver this unit to San Diego due to many changes including adding
bulletproof glass to the tillerman's compartment and a labor problem with Maxim.
This rig was sold by San Diego to collector Mike MacDonald in the late 90s.  She then underwent a full restoration and
appeared at many events throughout southern California.  F1738 later changed hands again, being purchased by another
collector and as of 2008, is owned by the San Jose Fire Department which is using it as a training rig prior to the delivery of
the city's first new TDAs.
This was the last TDA completed by Crown and it should be noted that the City of San Diego purchased the first and last
tractor-drawn aerials built by Crown.
Updated October 14, 2008