Los Angeles City Fire Department Truck 20 is a 1969 Crown Firecoach tractor-drawn aerial.  She is assigned LA City Shop
number 60232 and carried Crown Coach serial number F1586 and is the second of two identical TDAs delivered to LA City in
1969.  As delivered, she was fitted with a three section, 75 foot Maxim aerial ladder and powered by a Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline
motor paired with a Spicer 6-speed manual transmission.  In later years, the LA City Fire Dept. Shops added a fourth section to
the aerial making it 100 feet in length, re-powered her with a Cummins NTC-350 diesel motor and added a fiberglass roof over
the cab.  Truck 20 originally served in Station 20 serving the community of Echo Park in Los Angeles.  She was later reassigned
in the 80s to Station 105 in Woodland Hills.  Records indicate that F1586 was still in service in 1999 as a training truck.  It is
currently unknown what the final disposition was of this rig.
It should be noted that the tractor-drawn aerials built by Crown for the City of Los Angeles were the only ones equipped with
hydraulic outriggers.  All others built were equipped with manual screw-jack type outriggers.
Created October 14, 2008