The San Bruno, California Fire Department purchased Truck 51 in 1967 which carried serial number F1509.  She was in front line service up to 1999 when she was listed for sale late in the year by the City of San Bruno.  She was purchased and transported to Tennesee by collector Chris Stephens in early 2001.  She was owned for a short time by Chris Stephens before being sold to the Moreau County Fire District in Missouri.
The Moreau Co Fire Department completed several minor repairs on the rig and repainted her.  F1509 is fitted with a Waterous 1,250gpm pump, 100 gallon water tank, 85 foot Snorkel and is powered by a Detroit Diesel 8v71n motor and an Allison HT70 Automatic transmission.
I was informed that F1509 is available for sale when I visited her in Eldon, MO in mid 2007.