This Snorkel was built by Crown in 1963, carrying serial number F1313 and was used as a demonstrator.  She is fitted with
a 1,000gpm Waterous pump, 350 gallon water tank, and 50' Snorkel.  As built, F1313 was powered with a Waukesha
F817G gasoline motor with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission.  She was later repowered by Crown with a Cummins
NTC-350 diesel motor retaining her original transmission.
Updated December 23, 2010
Upon retirement from the Orange County Fire Authority, F1313 was donated to the Crown Firecoach Enthusiasts
and can be seen at events which the group participates in.
After serving a tour as a demonstrator for a few years, it was sold to the City of Stanton, California where it served
as Truck 1.  In 1987 she went to the Orange County Fire Department when Stanton consolidated its fire service
with the County where she served as Truck 46.