The Los Angeles Fire Department purchased two identical Crown Snorkels in 1971.  Pictured above is F1648, Los Angeles City
Shop number 60255 which was assigned to Wagon 27 serving Hollywood replacing the nearly new 85 foot Snorkel which the
City sold to Lockheed.  Both were powered by Cummins NTF-365 diesel motors with Spicer manual transmissions and equipped
with a 1,500gpm Waterous pump, 350 gallon tank, and 50 foot Snorkel.  As built, the Snorkel booms were mounted ahead of the
rear axle and the apparatus featured hose beds that were the full width of the body to carry a hose load of primarily large diameter
hose.  The photos above and below are shared with us by Larry Arnold who took these photos of F1648 when she was factory
fresh in May of 1971.  She was being shown off at the anniversary of the Sierra Madre Fire Department, presumably by
Firecoach Division VP, Red Willmore.
Both of these apparatus were rebuilt in the early 1990's by the LAFD Shops into triple combination pumpers more typical of the
rest of the fleet.  New bodies were fabricated and 500 gallon water tanks were added.  F1648 was assigned to Station 29 in
Hancock Park and later to Station 61 serving the Fairfax area after being rebuilt.  After being retired, F1648 was purchased by
the Oxnard College Fire Academy.
Updated March 19, 2011