The City of Los Angeles purchased this Snorkel in 1970.  She carried Crown Coach serial number F1622 and was
assigned to Station 27 in Hollywood.  She was powered by a NTC-365 Cummins diesel engine with an Allison Automatic
transmission and fitted with an 85 foot Snorkel.  She was assigned LA City Shop number 60233.  F1622 is shown here
photographed by Steve Skarr returning to quarters as Snorkel 3 shortly before being and sold in 1971.
Updated May 3, 2011
F1622 was disposed of by the Los Angeles Fire Department in late 1971 and was purchased by Al Asher Truck Sales and
Leasing.  She was seen here in early 1972 for sale on their lot on Alameda Street near Downtown Los Angeles.
F1622 did not sit on Al Asher's lot for long till she was sold to Lockheed Aircraft and taken to their Palmdale Plant in the
Mojave Desert where she was used for aircraft maintenance.  Emergency lights have been removed by now as well as the siren
speakers although the housings were left in place.
The Snorkel basket was heavily modified to reduce it's size and to make it more suitable for work on aircraft.  In early
1980, F1622 took a trip from Palmdale to San Gabriel.  In San Gabriel, the Crown body was removed and replaced
with a flat bed body with some tool boxes on it.  Further modification were made to the Snorkel basket before the rig
was returned to Palmdale.  F1622 was unceremoniously scrapped in the early 90s.