In 1962, Forest Park, Illinois purchased F1285 new from Crown.  It features an 85' Pitman-Snorkel, 1,250gpm
Waterous pump, and 300 gallon water tank.  In 1978, she was sold to the Pine Castle, Florida Fire Department
where she served as Truck 1.  Pine Castle was consolidated into the Orange County Fire Rescue Department in
1981 where this rig served as Truck 51 until 1986 when she was retired.  F1285 was sold to a local business where
she sat around for several years and was eventually scrapped.

This is one of 2 Crown Snorkels sold new east of the Mississippi River.  The other being F1535, a 1968 Snorkel
also with an 85' boom.  It served as Truck 711 on the Deerfield-Bannockburn, Illinois Fire Department.
Updated July 19, 2011