This rig carries serial number F1242 and was built in 1961 for the Downey Fire Department.  She is equipped with a 65 foot
Pittman-Snorkel and powered by a Hall-Scott 935 gasoline motor with a Fuller 5-speed manual transmission.  This rig served
Downey first as Snorkel 1 and later as Truck 611.
She appears below in a photo from a Crown advertisement promoting Snorkels.  It is unknown who took the photo but it is
presumably Warren Bowen who was the Crown Factory Photographer at the time.  Above photo from eBay.
Created January 12, 2010
F1242 remained relatively free of modifications except for a fiberglass canopy that was added over the cab.  F1242 was
formally retired in the early 90s and sold at auction.  She was caught in the photo above by Chris Arnold parked on the street in
Pasadena after being sold while she was still lettered for Downey.  The screen capture below is from the film "Armed and
Dangerous" where she appeared on the screen for a few moments.