This Crown Snorkel was built in 1966 for the Azusa, CA Fire Department and carried serial number F1427.  In the early
1980s, this rig as well as several others went to the Los Angeles County Fire Department when Azusa's fire services were
consolidated into the County.  She was moved shortly thereafter to Station 24 in Palmdale.  This rig carried LACoFD shop
number 49715.  F1427 was retired in the late 1990s and sent to auction and was purchased by a party/tourist outfit called
Smokey's Fire Dept.  Maintenance was sorely lacking at Smokey's and she wound up at a used car dealer where she sat for
nearly a year.  The car dealer couldn't sell her and she wound up going to auction where she was sold for salvage with a bad
clutch, bad tires, cracked frame, and cracked boom cradle.  She was presumably scrapped.
F1427 was built powered by a Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline motor, later repowered with a Cummins NTF-365 diesel motor,
Spicer 5-speed manual transmission, 1,250gpm Waterous pump, 200 gallon booster tank, and 75 foot Snorkel.
Brett Boukather shares this photo he purchased on eBay:
Updated February 1, 2009