This rig was purchased by the Los Angeles City Fire Department in 1967 where she first served as Wagon 90 in
Van Nuys, Wagon 61 in the Fairfax District as pictured above, and last as Engine 91 in Sylmar.  She was
assigned LA City Shop number 60197 and Crown Coach serial number F1444.  She is fitted with a Waterous
1,500gpm pump, 500 gallon tank and was originally powered with a Waukesha RioLine gasoline motor.  She was
later repowered with a Cummins diesel motor while retaining her original Spicer 5-speed manual transmission.
Updated January 4, 2014
After this F1444 was declared surplus by Los Angeles in the late 90s, she was
acquired by the Warner Brothers Studio Fire Department.  She remained in
service on the Studio's lot until early 2009 when she was sold at auction.
At the Warner Bros. auction, F1444 was picked up by collector Tony Adivari who has begun the process of
backdating the rig to its original LA City appearance.