Valley Center Fire Department E373R is a 1967 Crown, F1502.  It is fitted with a 1250gpm pump and 500 gallon tank.  It
was originally sold to King County, WA with a Waukesha 6 cylinder gasoline motor.  King County sold it back to Crown in
1973.  It was repowered by Crown with a Detroit Diesel 8v71 engine with the original 5-speed transmission and sold to the
Anaheim Fire Dept. where it was used as a reserve pumper.  They sold it to a small FD in the lower desert (can't remember
the name right now) and they had it completely repainted and restocked with hose, ect., but never used it since they ended up
contracting with CDF-San Bernardino County.  I bought it in 1995 from their fireman's association for a donation.  For the
past several years it has been leased to the Valley Center FD for $1.00 per month, and is housed at their Station 73 where it
is a full time reserve engine.  North County (Fallbrook) Fire Dept. takes care of all the maintenance on it as they do with all
other district engines and vehicles.
Information provided by Mike MacDonald.

Update:  F1502 is now owned by collector Art Thompson.