Valley Center Fire Department Engine 1 is a 1959 Crown, F1133.  It is fitted with a Waterous 1000gpm pump and a 500
gallon tank.  Originally sold to LA County with a 590 Hall-Scott, it was in the group of severely under-powered engines
nicknamed "Toyopets" by LA County fire fighters.  In 1980, it was sold to the County of San Diego for $1.00 when CDF
stopped providing structure protection in unincorporated areas of San Diego County.  It was painted lime green and white and
was (briefly, for less than one year) at the Campo Volunteer Fire Department in eastern San Diego County.  The Valley Center
Fire Protection District was formed in 1982 and bought the truck again for $1.00.  They immediately sent it to Orange
RePower and spent over $67,000 having it completely refurbished including a brand new Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine, new
Allison Transmission, repainting, chrome, tank, pump rebuilt ect.  I bought it from the Valley Center FD in 1996 for $2,500.  It
is still stored and cared for at Valley Center Station 72 for $1.00 per year and used by the Valley Center Fireman's
Association for parades, limited driver training, ect.
Information provided by Mike MacDonald.
Los Angeles County Engine 38 originally served the Windsor Hills area.  She was assigned Shop number
49148 and retired by the County in 1980.
Updated October 3, 2009