The City of Tacoma, WA purchased this rig new from Crown Coach in 1961 and was assigned serial number
F1230.  She was powered by a Hall-Scott 935 gasoline motor and Spicer 5-speed manual transmission.  This rig
was built as a hose wagon equipped with only a 200gpm Byron-Jackson PTO powered pump.  F1230 was later
rebuilt into a pumper by Tacoma which included the installation of a 1,250gpm Waterous pump, 500 gallon water
tank, removal of hard suction trays and addition of cabinets in their place.  This work also included repowering with a
Detroit Diesel 6-71 motor while retaining the original transmission.
Although the details are unclear of what transpired when this rig was retired, she can be found as pictured sitting in a
field in Baker City, Oregon.
Created April 6, 2014