This Crown pumper, serial number F1603, was built for the San Mateo, CA Fire Department in 1969.  She was
powered by a Cummins NTF-365 diesel engine paired with an Allison Automatic 6-speed transmission and
equipped with a Waterous 1,500gpm pump with 500 gallon tank.  F1603 last served as Engine 26 for San Mateo.  
This rig was sold to an equipment dealer upon retirement and began to deteriorate.  It was picked up as a parts
source by one collector and then changed hands and was recovered by collector Matt Monson.  The Cummins
engine was pulled and replaced a failed engine in another Firecoach and the transmission went into yet another
Firecoach.  After being stripped of all salvagable components, F1603 was finally scrapped in late 2010.
Created April 6, 2014