Engine 66 of the Salt Lake County, Utah Fire Department is a 1974 Crown Firecoach, serial number F1715.  This was the first rig received out of an order of 4 in 1974.  She is powered by a Detroit Diesel 6n71 with an Allison Automatic transmission and equipped with a Waterous 1,250gpm pump and 750 gallon water tank.
In 1987, Salt Lake Co concieved an idea to completely enclose the cabs of several older apparatus including thier Crowns.  F1715 was chosen to be the prototype for this project and was completely rebuilt in 1988.  This included a fiberglass enclosure over the jumpseat area of the cab, a new Detroit motor and a new pump.  Later rigs that received similar treatment were not repowered and were not fitted with new pumps.
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Salt Lake County Fire Department