This 1969 Crown pumper was built for the Pleasanton, CA Fire Department where it served as Engine 61.  
She carries serial number F1579 and is powered by a Detroit Diesel 8v71 with a 5-speed manual
transmission and fitted with a Waterous 1,500gpm pump and 500 gallon water tank.
Engine 61 was retired in 1996 and shipped to Pleasanton's sister city of Blairgowrie, Scotland.
Thanks to Brett Boukather for researching and finding this photo and information in the files of the
Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department.
Updated January 4, 2014
Today, F1579 is owned by Stewart Ramsay.  Stewart is a firefighter with Tayside Fire and Rescue in Blairgowrie.
Stewart and his son Drew backdated the lettering to represent F1579 as she appeared as Engine 1 and enjoy
showing off the rig at events throughout the area.