This 1953 Crown is the second Firecoach built by Crown Coach.  There were 2 Crown Firecoaches built with the serial
number F1002.  One, a high pressure hose wagon for Los Angeles City Fire Department and this one which was first
owned by the City of Vernon.  Prior to being purchased by Vernon, this rig was used as a demonstrator, replacing F1001
which had been sold to West Covina.  It was powered with a Le Roi SBH-540, a 1000gpm Waterous pump, and a Fuller
5-speed manual transmission.

In 1975 it was traded in on a new pumper and was completely refurbished with a new Caterpillar 1160 diesel motor, rear
compartments and cross-lay hose bed by Jay Bressler.  It was then purchased by the Seal Beach, CA Fire Department in
1980 to supplement their existing fleet of apparatus.  In 1982 the Seal Beach Fire Department was consolidated into the
Orange County Fire Department and was then used by the paid call fire fighters as Engine 244.

In November 1989 it was retired and said to be the oldest Crown Firecoach still in front line service.  Today this Crown is
still used by the Orange County Fire Authority as a parade engine.
Updated March 2, 2010