F1355 was purchased by the Placentia Fire Department in 1964 where she served as Engine 1.  She was originally powered
with a 9
35 Hall-Scott gasoline motor with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission.  She was later absorbed into the Orange
County Fire Department, assigned County shop number 5117, and
continued serving the City of Placentia as Engine 35.  
F1355 was rebuilt in the early 80s which included fresh paint, chrome and a new Detroit Diesel 6v92
TAC replacing the
original Hall-Scott.  She retained her original Spicer transmission and Waterous 1,250gpm pump and 500 gallon water tank.
When the Orange County Fire Authority was formed in 1995, this rig was reconfigured into a Hose Tender assigned to
Station 2 in Los Alamitos.
Updated August 19 ,2009