This Crown Firecoach was originally purchased by the Mountain View, California Fire Department where she served as Engine 51.  
As built in 1970, she is powered by a Cummins NTC-365 diesel motor with an Allison Automatic transmission and carries Crown
Coach serial number F1643.  She is fitted with a Waterous 1,500gpm pump and 500 gallon water tank.  The fiberglass roof was
added later by Mountain View.  When the City of Mountain View disposed of this rig, she was purchased by an equipment dealer
and later sold to the community of Happy Camp.  Happy Camp is situated in northern California and got many more years of good
service out of this rig before a Federal grant for a new piece of apparatus became available and displaced F1643.
Created July 25, 2009
Upon retirement from Happy Camp in July 2008, she was acquired by a collector which began backdating the appearance of
F1643.  Shortly thereafter, she was acquired by former Crown Coach employee and collector, Bill Hoeft, and driven east to her
new home in Denver, Colorado.  Although F1643 was in very nice condition, there were still details that Bill felt required attention.

Her second day in Colorado was spent repainting all of the  diamond plate. Although in good condition, a new coat of Rustoleum
silver paint brought the dull surface back to life.  The original Beacon-Ray Model 17A light was missing from the top of the
windshield.  A virtually new Beacon-Ray light was located, wired, and mounted on the original mounting bracket.  
Also missing was the right side windshield wiper motor.  Luckily, Honolulu Fire Dept had an old Crown pumper they were
scrapping that had the right side wiper motor available for the taking.

The stainless steel grab rails on both jump seats had been cut down to accommodate the years-later installation of a fiberglass top.  
Missing grab rail stanchions salvaged from the Honolulu rig and new stainless tubing and the handrail is now like the original.  All of
the handrail screws have been replaced with stainless steel screws.  The original stanchion bolts have also been replaced with new,
chrome-plated bolts.

Most recently done is the Vernon Fire Dept. lettering.  Thanks to photos in Chuck Madderom’s book, Crown Firecoach, the gold
leaf lettering and city seal are an exact copy of the original that was on City of Vernon Crown’s of that era.  Engine 11 was
Vernon's first diesel powered Crown and also the first diesel powered Firecoach built by Crown.  She is so lettered in honor of my
father who was a Battalion Chief at Vernon.