Modesto Fire Department Engine 1 is a 1965 Crown Firecoach.  Engine 1 carries Crown Coach serial number  F1379 and is
powered by a Cummins NTF-290 diesel motor paired with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission.  She is fitted with a Waterous
1,500gpm pump with 500 gallon tank and hydraulic ladder rack.  Since retirement, she resides at the Texas Fire Museum.

Scott Simpson, Texas Fire Museum President writes:
We are so proud of our Crown.  It is a little unique to see here in Texas.  Out engine still sports her original Cummins motor and
Waterous pump.  All other equipment was stripped before we received it.  We have found nameplates and Unity spotlights to be
added very soon.  This engine is in pretty good shape although we plan to refinish it as soon as funds become available.
The history is somewhat unclear on this apparatus.  We know that she was originally Engine 1 in Modesto and we have seen a
later picture where it was Engine 7.  We assume that she left sometime in the mid-eighties purchased by another department.  
There are tell tail signs that she was numbered 36 from another dept.  From there it gets cloudy until it surfaced here in Dallas.  It
was being used by a private sanitation company washing out portable toilets and trash containers until 2001.  After spending  a
few years outside, we were able to restore some of the original paint so she does not look so weathered.
Updated August 13, 2009