Owner and CFE member from Washington, Ted Hikel writes:
I am indeed the owner of Marysville (WA) Fire Department Engine 61B and have been since February of 1999.  The CFE newsletter contained a very nice article about the Marysville Crowns later that year.  I was pleasantly surprised to find F1316 on your site and told my tillerman (
Bob Guildig, Yakima Engine 11) about it.
F1316 is a 1963 CP-100-81 with a 500 gallon tank.  The appearance of my rig has changed very little since it was last in service.  Marysville added the Twinsonic lightbar around 1980 and replaced the original Waukesha 817 gasoline engine with a Detroit Diesel 6v92 in 1982.  A Fuller 5-speed manual transmission was matched to the Detroit and it is a real pleasure to drive.  Hills are no problem at all.  If she went over the Grapevine today, you might have to drop down into 4th direct for a while before getting back into overdrive.
It also pumps well.  Rated at 1,000gpm,  it has a Waterous pump capable of 1,250 and enough horsepower to drive a 1,750.  The 2 stage pump is very nice for testing hose, it just doesn't take that many RPM to generate that kind of preasure.  Here is a picture of F1316 in action with a 1969 Kenworth/Maxim 100 foot aerial from the Seattle Fire Department.

Thanks for the great information, Ted!
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