The Lynwood Crown is a 1967 model purchased new by the City of Lynwood, CA.  It served  as Lynwood  Engine 2, then  when it  became  area "E" for Los  Angeles County Fire Department, it was renumbered as Engine 32.
In 1985 it became a reserve engine at Station 2 and renumbered again as 322.  In 1985, the original Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline engine was removed and replaced with a Mack diesel.  Only Arcadia and Lynwood used Mack engines to repower their Crowns.  She was retired in 1999 and sent to a junkyard in Harbor City in August 2001.
I purchased her from the junkyard and began restoring her to the look she had when she was originally purchased.     We did a massive reconstruction October 2001 to Febuary 2002 so she would be ready for the SPAAMFAA 2002 Winter Convention in San Bernardino, CA.  This rig has been to over 30 events in the 10 months she has been back in service.  As of December 2002, we are taking her back out of service to finish the reconstruction.
We are expecting to show her off again at the Spring Pump-In at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA.
Lynwood Fire Department Engine 32 is powered by a Mack diesel engine with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission and equipped with a 1,250gpm Waterous pump with 600 gallon water tank.  She carries serial number F1488.
Thanks to Crown Firecoach Enthusiasts member Darrell Gilbert for the beautiful restoration and all information provided.
A "before" view of F1488 taken in September of 2001.  On the rough side but the potential was there.