The City of Lompoc, located along California's central coast purchased this Crown pumper in 1962 where she served as Engine 1.
 Carrying serial number F1280, she was originally built with an open cab and powered by a 935 Hall-Scott gasoline motor.  She
was returned to Crown in the early 70's where she was rebuilt with an enclosed cab and repowered with a diesel motor, retaining
her manual transmission.  She is fitted with a 500 gallon tank and 1,250gpm Waterous pump.  She last served Lompoc as Engine
3404 and upon retirement, was purchased by a collector to save her from scrap.  Over the years, she exchanged hands several
more times, being owned by different collectors but she continued to deteriorate.
Today she is owned by collector David Kromka who is in the process of giving her a complete restoration.  As can be seen in the
photos, he is about half way through the restoration process and she will once again be looking good when completed.