This Crown Firecoach pumper was built for the Angle Lake, WA Fire Department in 1959.  She served there for a few years
before it was decided that purchasing a rig with an open cab was a mistake and was subsequently sold to the Lake Shastina Fire
Department in northern California.  Up until retirement in the late 80s and even to this day, this rig remains remarkably original.  
Carrying serial number F1169, she is powered by a Hall-Scott 590 gasoline motor paired with a Spicer 5-speed manual
transmission.  She is fitted with a Waterous 1,000gpm pump and 500 gallon booster tank.
She was purchased by Edgar in Grenada, California who first had dreams of the Grenada Fire Department fixing this rig up and
using it.  Some work was done on the Hall Scott motor but the pump which suffered from freeze damage remained untouched.  
Edgar then had visions of converting this pumper into a tractor to pull 5th wheel RV trailers.  This would be one of dozens of
other such vehicles that Edgar had fantasies of converting into something else.  Various collector have approached Edgar with
cash in hand many times but it has never been enough as Edgar has expectations of making the money back on his "investment".  
The latest counter offer made by Edgar that I'm aware of is that in trade for F1169 he will accept two propane powered transit
buses, fully fueled and one with Alcoa wheel rims and an early 90s Ford F250 pickup truck all delivered to him in Grenada.
Created December 27, 2009