Los Angeles County Engine 84 is a 1954 Crown, serial number F1021 and LACo Shop number 49101.  She was the
5th in the very first order for 9 Firecoaches placed by LACo.  Typical of early orders, she was delivered with an open
cab and returned to Crown in the late 60s to have her cab enclosed.  She is powered by a Hall-Scott 935 gasoline engine
with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission and equipped with a Waterous 1,000gpm pump and 500 gallon water tank.
When new, F1021 served the La Canada / Flintridge area as Engine 19 and later after rebuilding went to serve the
community of Quartz Hill in the Antelope Valley as Engine 84.
After being retired by LACo, she was sold at auction and was purchased by a private party and put back to work for
Big Tujunga Fire Rescue.  She still looks great today after over 50 years of service.

Update:  After developing problems with her original Hall-Scott motor, F1021 was sold by Big Tujunga Fire Rescue to
collector Art Thompson.
Updated November 27, 2008