Engine 80 served the community of Acton located in Solodad Canyon for the County of Los Angeles.  She carries Crown Coach
serial number F1291 and LACo Shop number 49562.  This rig was built in 1963 as part of a special order by LA County for two
Crown pumpers with fully enclosed, 4-door cabs.  LA County also ordered two Seagrave engines in the same configuration for
comparison.  It is unknown what the County's determination was of these "experimental" apparatus as it was 1968, five years later,
that LA County finally settled on ordering apparatus with closed cabs and open jumpseats.
F1291 is powered by a Hall-Scott 1091 gasoline motor with a Spicer 5-speed manual transmission and fitted with a 1,250gpm
Waterous pump, a 150gpm Byron-Jackson high-pressure pump, and a 500 gallon water tank.  She went on to serve Station 117 in
Lancaster and was eventually sold at auction and purchased by a collector.
This was the second of only three Firecoaches built with completely closed, 4-door cabs.
Updated October 16, 2009