Engine 75 is a 1959 Crown Firecoach built for Los Angeles County.  She was the 6th received out of 13 of the first order
of the now infamous "Toyopet" Crowns.  She carries Crown Coach serial number F1137 and LACo shop number 49547.
As originally equipped, she was powered by a Hall-Scott 590 gasoline motor with a 5-speed manual transmission,
Waterous 1,000gpm pump, 600 gallon water tank, and was built with an open cab which was later enclosed.  F1137 was
first assigned to Station 75 in Chatsworth.  After retirement by LA County in the mid 80s, F1137 was sold to the Crow
Fire District in central Oregon near Eugene.  In the 90s, Crow Fire District was consolidated into the Eugene Fire
Department.  As the story goes, she exchanged hands several times, including, being owned by a BBQ restaurant and a
radio station at one time or another.  As can be seen in the photos, someone has started a conversion on sorts by gutting
out the water tank and cutting some things that shouldn't have been cut.  She appears to be owned by a individual that is a
non-collector type and now resides in Goshen, OR.
Updated March 9, 2008