Los Angeles County Fire Department Engine 58 is a 1955 Crown Firecoach pumper fitted with a Waterous 1,250gpm pump, 500
gallon water tank and is powered by a Hall-Scott 935 gasoline motor with a Fuller 5-speed transmission.  Serial number is F1034.
On December 2, 1958, Engine 58 was overrun by the Liberty Canyon brush fire in Agoura, CA where the rear portion of the
apparatus was heavily damaged.  F1034 was returned to Crown for rehabilitation.  This rig went back to the Crown factory again
in the early 70s to have the cab enclosed.  Upon retirement, she was purchased by collector Chris Stephens and she now resides in
Tennessee.  I was contacted in March 2008 by Brian McKinley who informs us of the fact that F1034 is now sitting in a used car
lot in Memphis in poor condition and for sale for $1,500.
Updated November 27, 2008